COVID-19 Entrance Screening

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COVID-19 Entrance Screening

goScan can, with a high level of reliability, determine whether or not a person, that arrives at any of your doors, presents a risk of exposing people inside to the COVID-19 virus

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Saves 75% Of DIY Cost
  • Day Based Screening
  • Your Locations
  • Standard Questions Asked
  • Customisable Questions Available
  • WhatsApp & SMS Integration
  • Reports Downloadable to Excel / PDF

Features that you are really going to enjoy

goScan comes with real-time, downloadable reports, WhatsApp & SMS integration,
multiple locations and is extremely customisable

Both Employees & Visitors

Entrance screening for both employees and visitors

Day Based Screening

Screen everyone, every day. Workdays, weekends, public holidays... every day they arrive

Multiple Screenings Per Day

Multiple screenings per person per day. Multiple testing per day per person

Multiple Locations

Works across all your branches, offices, factories & locations. Can be set up per entrance door per location

Single Location Possible

If you only have one branch, office or factory. Makes entrance screening simpler

Low Monthly Rates

Cost Effective monthly SaaS rental. Discounts are offered for term based contracts

Saves you 75%

If you are doing this in a paper based format, goScan will save you, at least, 75% of the cost of DIY

Standard Questions

Use our standard entrance screening questions

Customisable Questions

Entrance screening questions are customisable at both Company or Location level. Your choice.

WhatsApp & SMS

Works over WhatsApp or SMS. Simply WhatsApp or SMS your unique code to us

Free Message Credits

Each solution contains free WhatsApp and SMS credits per month (Based on your selection)

Real Time Reports

Hyper fast, real time, reports per location, date range or person. Details screening results. Downloadable.

Serious Support

Support to SLA or real time, video based support if you need it

Extensive Documentation

We have covered everything in our Documentation. Includes user manuals

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